Joint Adhesive

Joint Adhesive application has been developed over several years and is designed to address the most common and troubling problem in the pavement industry, longitudinal cold joints. Correcting the problem of opening, raveling, and failing of the pavement at the cold joint has been a focus of the entire pavement industry. Much attention in the industry has centered around density and compaction at the joint. The problem has been looked at and addressed water infiltration, thermal movement and adhesion between paving passes. These items are what accelerate pavement deterioration and cause many of the pavement defects at the cold joint. Placement of joint adhesive will bond the paving passes together, which maintains a watertight seal during the thermal movements eliminating crack deterioration and adverse effects of water.

To date, Selby Asphalt Maintenance is one of the premier leaders in applying joint adhesive and is certified by the State of Kentucky. Joint Adhesive Applications are widely being adopted throughout the Department of Transportation in the state of Kentucky. Selby Asphalt Maintenance is one of the primary applicators of Joint Adhesive in the state of Kentucky.

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