Crack Sealing

We use federal spec. oil-jacketed non-tracking material. Open cracks permit water, salt, fuel, oil and sunlight to permeate asphalt and erode its base unless repaired with proper materials. This procedure consists of sealing cracks with low (1/8 inch) movement in order to stop moisture from penetrating to the sub-base of the pavement. If moisture is not checked, catastrophic pavement failure such as potholes will form. Another reason for crack sealing is to stop crack raveling. Crack sealing is a very cost-effective method of pavement repair that will add years to its life. Crack sealing pavements that are in fair to poor condition on a regular basis to maintain or slightly improve their condition. A life of 6 to 8 years can be expected in most instances. We always clean and route cracks before applying crack sealer. We also clean and repair the entire surface. This ensures quality and life to each job.

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