Asphalt Repair

Whether it is a damaged spot on your driveway, parking lot, city streets, or even interstate highways, from the size potholes to the largest area S.A.M. has the technology to repair it and have over 14 years experience in this area. We will examine your problem area and offer the best and most cost efficient way to repair the problem. In most cases, we start by squaring and cutting the damaged area, then removing it. We then add DGA stone and compact it then add hot-mix asphalt to the desire depth. Then compact it with asphalt rollers or compactors depending on what is needed. S.A.M. uses only “hot-mix asphalt”, never cold-mix, which has proven to be unreliable. There is no area too small or too large.

Asphalt Repair Step #1 -- Mark and Saw Out Problem Area(s)

Step 1: Mark and Saw Out Problem Area(s)

Asphalt Repair Step #2 -- Remove Old Asphalt

Step 2: Remove Old Asphalt

Asphalt Repair #3 -- Adding DGA Stone to Elected Height

Step 3: Adding DGA Stone to Elected Height

Asphalt Repair Step #4 -- Compacting Stone

Step 4: Compacting Stone

Asphalt Repair Step #5 -- Laying Hot Mix Asphalt

Step 5: Laying Hot Mix Asphalt

Asphalt Repair Step #6 -- Hot Mix Asphalt Lain Out

Step 6: Hot Mix Asphalt Lain Out

Asphalt Repair #7 -- Compacting Asphalt

Step 7: Compacting Asphalt

Asphalt Repair Step #8 -- Sample of Finished Asphalt Repair Work

Step 8: Sample of Finished Look



Asphalt Repair can be performed on state highways, county roads and city streets.